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Rethink Moldova - country's mid-term strategic priorities

The Moldovan Government has unveiled the Programme Rethink Moldova , providing for the country's mid-term strategic priorities, during the meeting of the Consultative Group - Partnership for Moldova Forum, jointly hosted by the European Commission and World Bank, on 24 March 2010 in Brussels, with the aim to coordinate international assistance in support of Moldova 's reform efforts.

Rethink Moldova presents the vision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova for achieving its five‐pillar reform priorities: European integration, economic recovery, rule of law, administrative and fiscal decentralization and reunification of the country. Notwithstanding these immediate priorities, the Government stands behind its ongoing commitments to the protection of human rights and democracy. Moreover, the Republic of Moldova is keen to achieve the Millennium Development Goals set for 2015 as assumed by its signing of the Millennium Declaration and reflected in the National Development Strategy for 2008‐11.

The Government is set to restore Moldova 's economy by promoting economic growth based on exports and investments as opposed to the current model based on imports and consumption which proved its inefficiency. The economic block of the Programme covers the top goals of sustainable economic growth which are included in national strategic planning documents, such as the Economic Stabilization and Recovery Programme, the National Development Strategy and the Government's Action Programme.

Out of 1.9 billion Euros pledged to Moldova in 2011-13 by the development partners, 432,860 million Euros is directed to the economic sector, of which 18 per cent will go for water and sewerage, one per cent for the improvement of the business environment, three per cent for fostering the development of businesses, 10 per cent for the energy sector, 21 per cent for agriculture and 47 per cent for the restoration of roads.

49 per cent of the entire assistance offered to Moldova will be provided by international institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank and the UN. The European Commission's contribution amounts to 28 per cent, the USA and Switzerland 's to 13 per cent and EU countries' to 10 per cent, including Romania 's 102 million Euros.